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Emerald All-In One

Australia’s Most Efficient Single Unit Heat Pump

The Emerald-All-In One Unit is Australia’s most efficient single unit heat pump, and remarkably places #7th out of over 238 heat pumps in the government scheme despite not having a seperate compressor. 

It is a major innovation in single unit system thanks to it’s handy inverter, and comes with many handy features. In this review we go over the specifications of the system, the system’s warranty, it’s specifications, and the perks of getting an electric booster. This unit is a great compromise for getting a heat pump system with great performance and a sleek and minimalist design. While not the most powerful heat pump out there, it certainly does pack a punch and will certainly reduce your electricity bills.

Emerald 270L Heat Pump Hot Water System
Emerald 270L Heat Pump Hot Water System

220L and 270L All-In-One Heat Pump

The Emerald’s All-In-One Heat Pump has an elegant look and provides significant cost savings for your hot water demands. Its small dimensions allows it to blend perfectly into any local surroundings.


Watch my full review of the Emerald All-in-one Systems

Performance Comparison

In terms of single-unit systems, the Emerald 220L heat pump ranks 7th overall in the market. This is remarkable because of it’s single-unit design. Meanwhile, the Emerald 270L heat pump ranks 20th overall. These systems are quite efficient despite being single-unit systems; in particular, the 220L model has a great efficiency rating.

Environmental Impact

A key highlight of Emerald Heat Pumps is its use of R290 refrigerant. With a significantly lower global warming potential than traditional refrigerants, it stands as an environmentally conscious choice. It’s long term GWP of 0.02 (over a 100 year period) is even less than CO2.

Warranty and Support

Emerald offers a competitive warranty on their system, with 5 years on the compressor. They offer a standard 5 years on the tank and 2 years on all labour. In addition, their wifi capability allows them to diagnose any issues and resolve them before they become a problem.

Wifi Capabilities and Smart Features

Emerald comes with many smart features but their usefulness is debatable. You’re able to track your energy usage, set the timer, turn on the booster and soak up excess solar through emerald’s app. The question of whether you want to constantly check on your hot water system and have access from anywhere in the world is up for debate.


Emerald’s all in one systems are an amazing compromise between efficiency and design. For a decent price, you’re getting the best single unit system available in Australia, and one of the best heat pumps even when you compare them to split unit systems. If you’re interested to upgrade your hot water system to a heat pump, fill out an enquire form below and we’d love to help you out with our highly knowledgeable and experience experts :)!

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